Älä ole vieras!

Ota rohkeasti yhteyttä, jos sinulla on kysyttävää kokemuksistasi KABE-kokoelmasta. Olitpa olemassa oleva asiakas tai kiinnostunut valikoimastamme, teemme aina parhaamme vastataksemme kaikkiin kysymyksiisi ja huolenaiheisiisi!


To our international costumers

We are pleased that you have found your way to the KABE Collection.

Currently, we are unable to send items to private individuals outside of Sweden from this webshop. However, we can send items to your local KABE retailer!

All you need to do is ask for the KABE Collection at your KABE retailer or have them contact us at lizette.lundgren@kamafritid.se to register as a KABE Collection retailer.


KABE retailer operating outside of Sweden

If you are a KABE retailer operating outside of Sweden and are interested in the KABE Collection, that's great to hear!

Contact lizette.lundgren@kamafritid.se to get more information on how to make your store extra appealing by selling our unique KABE merchandise!


Frågor och funderingar kring KABE Collection:

Questions and requests concering the KABE Collection: